What I do when I lose

This certainly isn't advice - it's just what works for me.

What I do when I lose
That's me this past week.

I'll have a difficult week. I'll lose a client, finances get tight and sometimes, there's not enough going on - especially in these early months.

It's very easy for me to fall into a doom and gloom cycle and honestly, right now - it takes me a good day or two to get out of it. I know this is something I'll get better at, but I know that I'm early in my entrepreneurial journey, I'm not used to this toughness and I'll get better at it.

Right now, I do some things that I do to ultimately get to a good space again. This certainly isn't advice - it's just what works for me.

Consume happiness

I'll rewatch a series or film I like. Moneyball, Mission Impossible, Welcome to Wrexham and Clarkson's Farm, for example. Yep, no filter - this is exactly what I'll watch! I want to get those warm feelings and I go to where I know I can get it!

Or, I'll get out in nature. Go for a bike ride or a hike in the forest. Getting away from it all, and taking perspective.

Remind myself of where I'm at

I'll remind myself of my journey. I'll take a look at the business bank account, the cashflow forecast - and that'll tell me that I need not worry. I've worked hard to this point to create the savings because not every month is going to be a flush month.

I'll also look at LinkedIn to how many months we've been in operation. Just 10 months right now. It's a blink - nothing. Putting that together with our business savings, I know this is going to be a longer journey, and I'm just at a momentary wobble.

Quick tip: I use Float for cashflow forecasting, and we plot everything in the future we know is coming up, as well as some scenarios. You can also put a threshold, so I know the date when cashflow falls below a certain point. Very handy feature.

I'll also talk to others. Try and gain perspective.

See where I've come from

Having had a particularly hard week this past week, I actually found myself watching some old vlogs of mine. It reminded me of the confidence of my past self and helps me imagine how I could be again. I try and take some lessons, like meeting people, doing what my gut tells me and by executing.

Start getting excited about the future

After some time, I start to get excited by the future. I might review my goals. I might tidy up my N0tion. I might start looking at office rentals in London. The future is unwritten and it's totally what I make it, but what's going to get me there is:

  • consistency
  • time spent (e.g. like hours flown for a pilot)
  • execution

Over time, I'll distance myself from the problems. They're solvable and we're not going to go out of business because of encountering problems. If anything, we're in business to SOLVE problems and we will get better at it, through the reps we'll take.

That's my take right now. I know I'll get better, but I'm interested. What do you do to reset?