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I’m Ross, Founder & MD at Skysoclear, a design agency based in Southampton, UK.

With more than 15 years of industry experience, I've delivered more than 200 design sprints with clients such as Google, NatWest and Land Rover.

I've also helped startups launch new products as a Head of Design and after many years helping build other people's companies, I founded my own agency to help even more companies launch better, faster and more efficiently.

Ross in May 2023.

Design Sprints

Regarded as one of the foremost Design Sprint facilitators in the World, I have run over 200+ Design Sprints with companies including Google, McKinsey & Company and the WWF. I'm also a contributor to the Official Remote Design Sprint guide.


From running discovery and designing MVPs for start-ups to undertaking high-risk design projects with multiple stakeholders in the enterprise, my goal is to add certainty to uncertain design programmes.

Product Strategist

I've worked with multiple businesses in fintech, hospitality and tech. If you're needing further direction and an outside view to facilitate change, considering hiring me. More on my portfolio.


I have written and delivered multiple innovation training workshops all over the world, from workshops at Google, to 2-day Design Sprint training bootcamps in London and creating a design principles module at Hyper Island.


I've been fortunate enough to have spoken at Google, Barclays and high-profile events including Mural Imagine and DesignMatters. I talk about Design Sprints, virtual collaboration and growing a remote product design business.

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