Top sprint boards to use anytime

Top sprint boards to use anytime

In 2020, I'm willing to bet that there is already a good template in existence to help you and your team solve a problem.

Often though, it can be hard to find them, so I've put together a quick list of ones I've found to help you stop deciding how to solve your problem, and just start solving it!

Design Sprints

We use a design sprint when we want to start solving a problem, as a team - fast.

Design Sprint template


Culture doesn't happen by accident, It is designed.

Work Life Impact Play

Rapid Decision Making

Taking the best of the world’s problem-solving processes (Design Thinking/Gamestorming/Design Sprints/Agile) and crushing them down to their absolute essence to help you and your team solve problems. Good to use for a team retrospective too.

Lightning Decision Jam


I've found using Mural for strategy to be absolutely incredible. I don't see any plan as "set." The more you build, measure and learn, the more likely you need to adapt. Keeping strategy in an easily-updatable format I find is key.

Vision, Mission, Strategy Values Pyramid


If you can't ban them, then at least run them well.

Planning Remote Meetings


Start, energise and end well, with one of these activities.

  • Team Warmups and Energizers for Mural - A choice of 6 warmups to try out
  • Selfie Sketch for Mural - An engaging way to start a meeting that takes 10 minutes
  • Obstacle Run for Mural - Showcase how well-versed you are in Mural or learn the basics in 10 minutes
  • Team Bookshelf for Mural - Connect with your team and leverage your room intelligence
The Selfie Sketch