Skysoclear in 2024

I'm here, excited to share a preview of what's to come from Skysoclear in the upcoming year.

Skysoclear in 2024
Photo by Dewang Gupta / Unsplash

My highlights for the year ahead.

I've written similar articles to this in previous years and it's a tradition I'd like to keep, so I'm here, excited to share a preview of what's to come from Skysoclear in the upcoming year.

The agency is just over a year old, but we have ambitious plans for the coming year...

1. Change the industry

When setting up this business, we wanted to take everything we had learned from the industry and build a better model. Agencies can't rest on their laurels and need to become more transparent, trustworthy and driven by quality. To avoid commoditisation, they need to act truly as an extension of a client's team and as a profession, we need to level up in regulation and qualification.

In terms of our own ambitions, we're actively pursuing qualifications and standards starting in digital products, with plans to move into related areas over the coming years. Check out our website for more on what we're creating in 2024.

2. Build brand

We've focussed a lot of 2023 establishing the business. We've created Standard Operating Procedures, run countless research studies, experimented with the shape of the team, nailed the type of work we want to do and have a good understanding of who we want to do it with.

With a solid year of financials, it's time to build brand and share more of what Skysoclear's mission is and why we're different. We're building for the long term and we're going to start sharing our story. Check out our TikTok in 2024 for more.

As well as building brand, expect a return of my weekly newsletter, where I'll continue exploring the intersection of design, business and technology, new episodes of my podcast, interviewing the best in the industry and documenting my own journey on my blog and Instagram. Our strategy is about sharing our journey.

3. Play as a team

And play to win! I see running a business as a team sport. We understand the rules of the game and who we need to play it. As we grow, we'll move up the leagues and add more to our team to extend our capabilities and become more valuable and sustainable.

We've been lucky enough to work with some great experts this past year and look forward to working with more into 2024 and beyond.

If you're interested in being part of our story, stay tuned for future opportunities on our LinkedIn jobs page.

4. Engage with the community

Mind the Product London in 2024 is on our list

We've actively avoided engaging with the industry in the first year to focus on laying the foundations for this business.

With that behind us, we're now identifying events and opportunities to engage with the wider community and contribute to the global conversation, as well as creating our own talks and webinars. I'll share where we're going and what we're doing in the newsletter.

5. Pursue adventure

Manchester to London challenge

I've always been keen to mix my work and personal life together, and now firmly post-lockdown, I'm looking forward to committing to more adventures and meeting with friends old and new in 2024.

One of those adventures is participating in the Manchester to London challenge, raising money for Ambitious about Autism, a charity doing great work with a condition that my family has a great deal of experience with. Plus, it finishes at the new Rapha HQ, which is exciting for me!

See you in 2024.