My journey in product design so far

Here are my product design career highlights (so far!) and some photos along the way.

My journey in product design so far

Here are my product design career highlights (so far!) and some photos along the way.

Freelancing, 2010

1. Self taught freelance UX designer

Freelance UX Designer @ Skysoclear

When my first born came along, I wanted more time with her. I’d been doing web design on the side (mainly Wordpress sites!) and a big contract landed on my lap. I had to do it!

Leaving my production assistant job to freelancing at home was incredibly stressful, but was the start of my journey in becoming a design leader. I called it Skysoclear after an alias I had at school linked to Ryan Sims whose work at Neubix greatly inspired me.

Out on a hike in Salt Lake City with the HULT technology team, 2013

2. First professional role

Lead User Experience Designer @ HULT

No joke, being a freelancer is tough! I wasn’t bullish enough on growing clients or finding new ones, so eventually ran out of money. I took the first web design role I could find, and after a few months, suggested I be promoted to UX designer. My manager then said that I should be a lead, because I was the only one doing the role!)

Running a Card Sorting session with the team at Wiggle, 2016

3. Becoming a design leader

Wiggle: Senior UX Designer

Working as a staff UX designer was a really good gig. I started executing all that great advice I’d been listening to from Gary Vaynerchuk and started taking control of unstructured meetings and projects that just never ended. My parting gift was a book called Sprint, that I read in 2 days straight and my design practice would never be the same again!

Running my first Design Sprint Training event in London, 2018

4. Joining a design agency

Head of Design Sprints @ Etch

Since reading Sprint, I knew I only wanted to run design sprints. I needed somewhere were I could - and naturally a design agency was the best fit. After transitioning out of a product design role, I went straight to the owner and requested I start a new design team. Thankfully, they said “show us what that looks like!” I called the team Etch Sprints, and had two great years running 150+ design sprints with companies including Google, WWF UK and Save the Children UK. I was marketing, selling and delivering. I knew this is what I wanted to do!

Present day, 2021

5. Transitioning to management

Managing Director @ obodo

After 4 great years, I moved to my second design agency, one running a very similar recipe to the Design Sprint. After a couple of months learning the business and designing solutions to scale, I moved to become Managing Director - where I am now!

That’s my story so far. My question to you is, what’s been your career highlight so far in your life?