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Product-Led Growth Specialist

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In today’s competitive landscape, traditional marketing and sales tactics are no longer enough to ensure sustainable growth. Companies often struggle to acquire and retain customers, facing high acquisition costs and low user engagement. Many businesses find themselves siloed, with marketing, sales, and product teams working independently rather than collaboratively. This disjointed approach can lead to missed opportunities, inefficient processes, and ultimately, stagnant growth.

Product-Led Growth (PLG) is a powerful strategy that turns your product into the primary driver of acquisition, expansion, and retention. By focusing on delivering an exceptional user experience, businesses can naturally attract and retain customers, reducing dependency on traditional sales and marketing channels. This involves optimising user onboarding, leveraging product usage data to inform development, and implementing in-product marketing tactics that drive engagement and conversion. The result is a scalable, efficient, and customer-centric growth model that aligns all teams towards a common goal.

With over 20 years of experience in product development and innovation, I am uniquely positioned to help businesses adopt and excel in a Product-Led Growth strategy. My expertise spans user onboarding, product analytics, customer feedback integration, and cross-functional team alignment. Having successfully implemented PLG strategies across various industries, I understand the nuances and best practices required to drive meaningful growth. I provide tailored solutions that not only improve the product experience but also create a seamless synergy between your teams, ensuring everyone is working towards a unified vision.

If you’re ready to transform your product into a growth engine and achieve sustainable success, let’s work together. I offer the knowledge, experience, and strategic insights necessary to guide your organisation through this shift, helping you unlock new levels of efficiency, engagement, and revenue.


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