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Design & Innovation

I help teams engage and understand challenges, moving them to a point of creating solutions and alignment on a clear way forward.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my role is introducing new, effective methodologies to teams that align with their organisational context. Facilitating workshops brings big challenges to life, helping teams understand, align, and focus on a central point to move forward.

I’ve trained with the best in the industry. In 2018, I joined the Jake Knapp Design Sprint bootcamp in Copenhagen with AJ&Smart, and since then, I’ve facilitated over 200 design sprints and innovation workshops. My expertise was recognized by Google, inviting me to run workshops at their Sprint conference in 2019 and again in 2021 when the event went online. From startups to large corporations like McKinsey & Company, I’ve guided teams from problem identification to validated solutions within days, sometimes even hours.

If you’re seeking an experienced innovation leader and workshop facilitator who can tailor sessions to your team’s needs, whether in-person or remote, I’d be honoured to assist. I bring insights on what has worked for other teams, how to create a conducive environment, and everything in between.

Successful facilitation enables teams to collaborate effectively, discuss projects or challenges without fear, and transform serious work into an engaging, enjoyable process. I look forward to hearing about your challenge and working together to find solutions.


Fractional Head of Product

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Product-Led Growth Specialist

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