Looking at getting a bike, but not sure what to get?

Getting good advice on what type of bicycle to get can be hard. Hybrid, city, urban - what do they all mean?

I get asked about this a lot.

Here, I hope to offer advice on what to look out for and what affordable, stylish and good recommendations I can make for what to ride, what to wear and all the accessories you need to ride.

What types of bike are there?

Here are the key terms to understand:


A mix between a road and mountain bike, a hybrid can give you the flexibility of riding to work as well as going exploring in the countryside at the weekends.

City / Urban

This is the bike that's gained most popularity in cities such as Amsterdam. Upright, with a few gears and maybe a rack to put your bags on. Low maintenance too.

Singlespeed / fixed

Derived from velodrome-style track bicycles, these bikes often have one gear for simplicity which may be "fixed" - meaning the pedals keep turning - so some skill is required.

What can I recommend?

A curated range of the best stuff for commuting and leisure cycling.

Mango bikes

Awesome bikes for awesome people based in the Cotswolds. Commuter, road and city bikes in a variety of colours and designs starting at just £269.

Bobbin bikes

Stylish London steeds starting at £410. They come in a range of styles and colours that should really impress the naysayers!

Hiplok locks

Quality locks to ensure that your bike is still there when you come back to it. D-locks, chain locks in a variety of colours too.

Exposure lights

Bright lights that charge with USB - easy for when you get to the office.

Bern helmets

Be safe without looking like a berk. Helmets needn't look like you're entering the Tour de France.

Vulpine clothing

Don't arrive all stinky or lycra-clad. Try Vulpine's stylish casual cyclewear for the office and out of office.

Also consider

Cycle insurance

Just like a car or house, not insuring your bicycle could be an expensive mistake.

Accidental cover & legal

Cover yourself and claim compensation if you're involved in an accident.

What happens when your bike needs fixing?

Wherever you are in the UK, there's likely to be a bike shop near you. Just use google to search for your nearest one e.g. "bike shop Southampton" or "bike shop London."