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This app transforms supply chain risk management, delivering actionable insights with a cutting-edge digital tool, enhancing client engagement and decision-making capabilities.

With this leading professional services firm, we moved their customers from disjointed communications and spreadsheets, to a robust, user-friendly platform for risk managers to identify, prioritise, and mitigate risks to their supply chain effectively.

I led the UX design for the product, resulting in version 1 launched and coverage in the Financial Times.


This leading professional services firm identified a critical gap in how their clients manage supply chain risks. Their clients expressed a pressing need for a digital solution that could provide clearer insights into supply chain vulnerabilities and enable more proactive risk management.

The challenge was to move beyond rudimentary tools like Excel and disjointed communications to develop a robust, user-friendly platform that clients could use to identify, prioritise, and mitigate risks effectively.


To address this, I led the UX design for the product, a comprehensive digital platform tailored for this broker's clients to better manage and understand their supply chain risks.

We kicked off the project with a discovery phase to define key functionalities, starting with an intensive workshop to map out the user journey and establish the core product features.

The process involved iterative prototyping, starting with a basic version and advancing to more sophisticated iterations based on real customer data and feedback. This allowed us to integrate complex analytics in a user-friendly interface, focusing on delivering actionable insights and a clear overview of supply chain threats.

The solution included an Ecosystem Map to uncover hidden risks and a Risk Explorer to navigate through layers of data efficiently.