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Boosting Gomi’s product page conversions by 500%, leveraging user insights to refine marketing strategies and drive growth.

Gomi sought expert guidance to align their page with their eco-conscious mission and effectively convert visitors into customers.

Through iterative design adjustments and continuous user feedback, we achieved a 500% increase in the ‘add to cart’ conversion rate.


Gomi, a small UK-based company committed to reducing e-waste through sustainable consumer technology, faced challenges with their product page's conversion rates.

They needed expert guidance to enhance the effectiveness of their page, ensuring it not only resonated with their eco-conscious mission but also effectively converted visitors into customers.


I was brought on board to elevate Gomi's product page performance. Starting with an initial phase of user testing and design reviews, we identified key areas for improvement that could lead to higher engagement and conversion.

Through iterative design adjustments and continuous user feedback, we managed to achieve a staggering 500% increase in the 'add to cart' conversion rate.

Beyond the immediate improvements, I also provided Gomi with valuable user insights that were instrumental in shaping their marketing roadmap and offered further recommendations to sustain and enhance their growth. This holistic approach not only boosted their immediate sales metrics but also aligned their long-term strategies with the core values of their brand.