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Are you wanting to learn how to lead a team through a design project? Perhaps you've read Sprint and you want to know how to run a design sprint online? Or, you've run a number of projects and you're looking for new ideas and ways to become even better?

Why learn product strategy?

Product strategy has been identified as one of the top career-boosting skills and is one of the best ways to set yourself apart in a stack of resumes.

People who gain confidence and skill in strategy have more opportunities at work: they get invited to important meetings, they get involved in the decision-making process, and they gain respect for their expertise.

As a freelancer, those trained in product strategy can offer broader services to their clients and can find new (and better) ways to work with those clients. But without the skills and opportunity to practise, it’s all just book knowledge.

Your membership includes

Participate in guest live streams where we interview your favourite design leaders
Make your workshops better with a monthly workshop critique - where I review your workshops to help you improve
Member-only mentoring, where I can help you at any stage, whether that's starting in the design industry, to giving career advice
Watch my show-how webinars where I showcase new techniques, tips and tools
Access my resource library. From Design Sprints to remote collaboration - I have plenty of resources you can re-purpose for yourself.

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First, a quick reality check

Learning product strategy won’t:

  • Make you rich
  • Get you famous
  • Destroy your competition

But it will:

  • Help you gain confidence
  • Get you taken seriously at work
  • Earn you quick wins with clients

I'm trying to make product strategy training accessible, affordable and practical.

Together, we'll give you the confidence to run your product strategy sessions, with the templates you need to do it right, and the skills needed to lead your team to success.

This community is for you if

  • You’re ready to step up and lead at work, but not quite sure how
  • Your team spends too much time discussing and too little time deciding
  • You want to learn a new way of working
  • You were excited by the Sprint book and you want to learn how to apply that methodology to wider product strategy virtually
  • Discovery phases and kick-offs seem unstructured, long and not rigorous enough

You’ll learn how to confidently navigate product strategy, while gaining hands-on experience and personalised coaching.

Who’s behind this?

I'm Ross, and my goal is to make fantastic product strategy skills as accessible (and fun) as possible. That's why I've started sharing everything that I know in this community.

I've run 200+ product strategy sessions over the past six years with clients including Google, McKinsey & Company and NatWest.

I’ve also been a senior mentor at CareerFoundry, an industry expert at Hyper Island, and a contributing author to the Official Remote Design Sprint guide.

Are you ready? Subscribe to join for only £9 GBP/month (or £90 GBP/year).