Figuring out Hybrid Collaboration - The Next Phase of Work

Figuring out Hybrid Collaboration - The Next Phase of Work

What’s most important to you in this next phase of work as we start to figure out hybrid collaboration? With Butter, I ran a workshop to imagine a future of better collaboration.

A few of my favourite bits:

What have you changed your mind about in the last year in regards to remote work?

I’ve recognised that I work best with a remote team, because I like the work to speak for itself, rather than the drama around it of presentee-ism. … I think really, for remote work to happen with a team, you do need to get to know each other…that’s what’s changed for me. I didn’t realise that that was as important.

Some of the key learnings we took away (just to name a few) were:

- Collaboration online doesn’t have to be a struggle — technologically or socially.

- Global team’s need for remote facilitation and hybrid collaboration is already here.

- As the world changes, we need to keep up — you can get ahead of the curve with the right technological support and behaviours.

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