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Revamping Bikebook: Enhancing workshop management with cutting-edge features.

Bikebook needed to enhance its workshop management tool to meet user needs better. The existing system lacked critical features for booking management, customer communication, and service history access.

We introduced advanced booking management, real-time chat, and detailed service histories, transforming the portal into a more efficient and user-friendly tool.


Bikebook, an established platform for bicycle mechanics, faced the challenge of evolving its backend workshop management tool, the Bikebook portal, to better meet the dynamic needs of its users. As the cycling industry grows, mechanics require more robust functionalities to efficiently handle bookings, communicate with customers, and access service histories. The existing system, while functional, lacked several critical features that could streamline operations and enhance user engagement, making it essential for Bikebook to innovate and expand its capabilities.


To address these needs, we embarked on a project aimed at introducing five key features to the Bikebook portal, designed in close collaboration with member bicycle mechanics to ensure relevance and utility. These enhancements include advanced booking management capabilities, an integrated chat system for real-time customer communication, and enriched access to detailed service histories. By focusing on these areas, we transformed the Bikebook portal into a more powerful, user-friendly tool that not only simplifies the management of workshop activities, but also significantly improves the overall user experience for mechanics and their customers.